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At Claims Funding Europe, we offer to completely underwrite the cost and risks of litigation in return for a commission, payable only if the claim is successful. This includes paying the defendants’ costs if the case is unsuccessful.

Our commission rate is a percentage of recovered damages so there are no hidden extras or uncertainty.

Our mandate is to identify, fund, manage and resolve multi-party litigation (i.e. where significant numbers of potential claimants are involved) on behalf of victims of corporate misconduct, mainly cartel and securities actions.

Corporate misconduct & losses to shareholders

Sometimes companies seek to maintain the price of their shares by failing to reveal bad news to the market about factors such as profit predictions, production schedules, revenue or product quality. Investors purchase shares taking into account corporate statements and when the truth emerges the share price often crashes. 

Claims Funding Europe underwrites actions by investors who lose money as a result of corporate misstatements. 
Claims Funding Europe is co-funding the first German multi-billion Euro lawsuit against Volkswagen AG over its disclosures in relation to 'defeat devices' fitted to its cars. 

Claims Funding Europe is also funding a proceeding in the Netherlands over South African firm Steinhoff's disclosures of multi-year "accounting irregularities" in its financial statements.

In Japan, Claims Funding Europe is funding a shareholder proceeding against Toshiba over accounting irregularities that came to light in July 2015.

Cartel cases & other breaches of competition law

In some cases the prices of goods or services can be inflated for consumers and businesses by cartel behaviour between companies in the same industry. When these cartels are revealed, consumers of the goods or services can seek compensation for having paid too much.

Claims Funding Europe is currently funding proceedings against a number of major airlines that the European Commission (EC) found to have operated a worldwide air freight cartel between December 1999 and 14th February 2006. 

Claims Funding Europe is also funding proceedings against a number of truck manufacturers who the European Commission found to have participated in a cartel from 1997 to 2011.

In each case the European Commission levied substantial fines - €799 million in the air cargo case and €3.8 billion in the trucks case. The cases funded by Claims Funding Europe aims to also extract compensation for victims of the cartel.

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