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risk-free LITIGATION 

We  identify, fund, manage and resolve multi-party litigation on behalf of victims of corporate misconduct.

What is litigation funding

What is litigation funding?

Litigation funding is where a third party, such as Claims Funding Europe, pays some or all of your litigation costs. In return the third party receives a share (usually a percentage) of the settlement or judgment amount – but only if your claim is successful. 


When you choose Claims Funding Australia, here's what you can expect.

We’ll cover your financial needs

We can provide financial security for any costs. We can fund your lawyers and out-of-pocket expenses, and protect you against litigation risks such as adverse costs exposure.

Add value through strategic insights

We work strategically and proactively with your lawyers to maximise your claim entitlements and chance of success.

And you don’t pay unless you win

You will not have to pay the agreed commission unless your claim is successfully resolved and you make a recovery from your opponent.

what we fund

Corporate misconduct & losses to shareholders

When listed companies withhold crucial information from their shareholders it often causes steep losses to investors.

Claims Funding Europe underwrites actions by investors who lose money as a result of corporate misstatements. 

Cartel Cases & other breaches of competition law

When companies form cartels or engage in other anti-competitive conduct, the consumers of their goods and services suffer.


Claims Funding Europe funds proceedings brought by victims of anti-competitive conduct.

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